An Evening in Prague

Although I didn’t plan to stop in Prague, I did. And since it has World Heritage status and that’s, well, sort of the raison d’être of this road trip, I thought I’d go take a look. I arrived in the evening, and walked in the direction of the old town.

But as I stood on one of the many bridges over the Vlatava, considering where to begin, there came a sheet of rain so powerful and unexpected that I thought it was the foam of the Vlatava itself. I watched as everyone ran to their homes. The streets became empty and blue. The rain was orange, like the roofs, the facades, and the street-lamps. 

Consequently, I couldn’t see a thing. So as far as World Heritage goes, I have nothing to report. What I can tell you, however,  is that there is a little restaurant on Na Bojišti street that serves roast duck with caraway seeds, bread dumplings and soft red cabbage that tastes wonderful when you’ve just come in from the rain. And down the street, there is a hotel, the Tivoli, which has seen better days but is nonetheless bright and warm. There you can sit in bed and watch Czech television dramas until sleep finally comes.

A very welcome glass of Grog. Whatever that is.