Brügge, the medieval fairy tale

“Brügge sehen und sterben,” as we say it in German, is a must-see for everyone. It even appears to be the most popular place to visit in Belgium.
I’m enjoying this beautiful sunny day in this marvelous city, but I’m a little concerned about how warm it is at the end of October.
While strolling through this wonderful medieval city alone is worth the journey, I highly recommend opting for a free walking tour. This allowed me to learn more about the legends and myths of the city, transcending a truly medieval atmosphere.
Yet, everything in the city seems to originate from medieval times, such as the beer culture and its secret recipes.
I feel that people truly enjoy the privilege of living in such a beautiful city.
Enthusiastically, the guide welcomes us: “Welcome to the most beautiful city worldwide.”
Brügge’s entire historical city is marked as a world heritage city.
We are strolling around the historic city center and visiting the main attractions:
Belfry (Belfort van Brugge)
Basilica of the Holy Blood
Church of Our Lady
Museums in the Dijver Mansions

When Brügge developed into an international trading hub, much wealth came to the city.
After the tour, I visit the historium which again allows you to deep dive into the medieval past. The museum is not only super insightful but an experience you will never forget.

The city’s beauty and fairy tale character will hopefully never fade. In such a tourist city, various innovations have been implemented to preserve or improve understanding of cultural heritage. In recent years, the city has sought to find new ways to understand and generate social value for tourists, which I have been testifying.