Concluding remarks on youth participation within the notion of world heritage cities: multiple youth perspectives

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog posts and following my journey.

In addition, special thanks to Monika and the whole OWHC team for their tireless support and especially for facilitating this amazing project and letting me be part of it.
Thank you also to the wonderful colleagues I had the pleasure to meet, with special thanks to Paula and Eloise.
Further, thanks to all the curious people on the road who shared their interest, perspectives, and dedication to the preservation of world heritage,
With a special focus on the participating cities, I had the chance to explore world heritage further, namely in the MENA region.
Yet, blogging and being on the road requires much more organizational skills than expected. 

Highlights: exchanging with people on the road and 

While the understanding of world heritage has often been described as very intangible and “far away” from people, it has always been described with a positive connotation and a certain national belonging.
When talking to young people, especially in hostels, we always received the highest level of interest and motivation and many curious questions.
As a result, I believe it is certainly facilitating the idea of mainstreaming young people’s involvement in the field of world heritage. Yet, certainly, there remains a huge lack of possibilities for “young people” to participate. While many world heritage cities have developed and managed to involve young people, it varies greatly depending on various factors. 
While this is my final blog post, this project has had a significant impact on my career path. I will forever remain a world heritage enthusiast and ambassador and aim to further explore novel ways for young people to engage in the preservation of world heritage!