Bern, Switzerland

What’s time, Sir?

It’s the first question, which You may ask after arrival to Bern. There is a reason for it. The most famous attraction in Bern is a big Clock Tower with a big astronomy clock. It’s the most recognisable city feature. But Bern it’s not only a clock, it’s also beautiful broad streets, famous fountains with gorgeous small sculptures and quickly mountains river Aare with crystal-clear turquoise water.

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World Heritage Adventure – summary

Somewhere in Norway…


“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

to gain all while you give,

to roam the roads of lands remote,

to travel is to live

– Hans Christian Andersen


Visited countries: Poland & Germany & Denmark & Norway & Sweden

Visited cities listed as World Heritage Cities: Thorn, Poland; Bergen, Norway; Notodden, Norway; Tinn, Norway; Kolding, Denmark; Warsaw, Poland

Kilometers driven: 5 400

Duration: 16 days

Daily blog: World Heritage Adventure


World Heritage Adventure was an amazing journey through Scandinavian countries – Norway was the most important destination of my trip.

At the beginning of my project I decided to find out more about European “Eco Examples“. During my “research” I was observing people and their eco–friendly lifestyle.

#1 Recycling 

Recycling is very popular in Norway, wherever you go there are few trasches for different kind of waste. It’s a big faux pas not to segregate your rubish in Norway!

#2 Eco–friendly cars

Electric and hybrid cars are very popular in Norway. There are many facilities for electric/hybrid cars owners – eg. cheaper parkings. As an interesting fact I can tell you that Norway is the biggest European Tesla market (per capita).

#3 Hydroelectricy 

In Norwegian electricity sector 98% of power comes from renewable resources (mostly from water)!

#4 Water

Remember that in Scandinavia water is so clean that without any worries you can drink tap water!

The Lysefjord

Warm and hospitable Lyon


The beginning of my trip and the first place that I visited in the framework of the project OWHC YOUNG it was warm and hospitable Lyon. I would say that it is a city with a twist. It wasn’t the love at first sight. But if you try to discover it by yourself, the city will reveal to you its whole deep soul. One of my friends said that you looked at all things in a totally different way when you knew their history. And this statement without a doubt is the truth. And you need to approach Lion in this way. It should be added as a puzzle for details and only after finding all of them, you can see an incredible picture. Lyon is a City of delicious meal in Bouchons, magical and mysterious Traboule, classical music at metro stations, special pastries, sweets and of course fascinating old city with an infinite number of details!
Yes, yes details!

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