Warm and hospitable Lyon


The beginning of my trip and the first place that I visited in the framework of the project OWHC YOUNG it was warm and hospitable Lyon. I would say that it is a city with a twist. It wasn’t the love at first sight. But if you try to discover it by yourself, the city will reveal to you its whole deep soul. One of my friends said that you looked at all things in a totally different way when you knew their history. And this statement without a doubt is the truth. And you need to approach Lion in this way. It should be added as a puzzle for details and only after finding all of them, you can see an incredible picture. Lyon is a City of delicious meal in Bouchons, magical and mysterious Traboule, classical music at metro stations, special pastries, sweets and of course fascinating old city with an infinite number of details!
Yes, yes details!


But first things first!

The old part of the city is included in the UNESCO list of protection. This part of the city saw events that had already become part of history. The whole old city is full of history and you can feel it. Especially in small things and nuances. I was very impressed by the huge number of various doors, door handles and window shutters. Sometimes coming to the new door to check, is it a long-awaited Traboule or not? For some instant in my head ran a thought, what if 200 years ago it was just opened by the Cardinal or a petty thief ,who was hiding with his prey or simply artisan went for water. Basilica Noether dame de Lyon majestically towering from the Fourviere hill, was watching some fuss down . From the basilica opens a very beautiful view of Leon. At such moments comes the understanding that when a person comes into contact with history, he becomes a part of it!


What are these mysterious Traboule? These are narrow passages through several houses or blocks to other sides of the street. Sometimes Traboule consist not only of one passage, but also of stairs and even several spans. They were made when inhabitants of the city could go to the banks of the Sonna for water. Trabouli hide behind closed doors and you only need to find and open them, and then you can see something incredible and mysterious in your way.


Another important and integral part of Lyon is food. Knowingly, Lyon is considI’m pered to be the gastronomic capital of France. From this city came the best French chefs! But all began with small restaurants that bore the name Bouchon and which cooked food for artisans. In all Lyon there are only a couple of streets where the Bouchons are located. Make a choice where to go is quite difficult, because they all look similar. But it is worth to remember that the name Bouchon can have the restaurants that meet all the requirements. In Lyon, there is organization which follows this. I still went into one, I was attracted by the inscription at the entrance. It was “I am sorry. We don’t have WiFi your Best WiFi is your neighbors talk!” There is why I choose this place. All dishes are made from simple, not expensive products, but are prepared in a very original and special way. This is definitely worth a try!


Lyon is undoubtedly a very interesting city, with a centuries-old history behind its shoulders, which is felt in every corner of it. This city doesn’t reveal its secret at one stroke, you try to understand and open it by yourself, and then it will certainly reward you with its charmand warming.


Yuliia Dolhopolova