The one where I visited home and Český Krumlov 🇨🇿

I could not be more excited to be a tourist in my own country.

Taking a bus from the Czech capital Prague after my arrival, I arrived to Český Krumlov late at night, yet not late enough that it would stop me from taking a peak at the town.

I couldn’t help but smile: I was sure this time I traveled through the good kind of time and space—because I arrived to a fairy tale. 

Lit up by dimmed, yellow street lamps, the tall walls dividing the city center from the main street where my bus spit me out looked absolutely stunning. I walked through the gate, feeling like a freezing princess (since the temperature was close to zero (celsius, America, celsius)). The cold weather certainly brought some advantages to my adventure though: I had the town to myself. 

I crossed the bridge over the river to the heart of the town, feeling like I found the real-life version of Disney World. Picturesque little houses, with adorable triangle-shaped rooftops and decorated shutters surrounded me from all sides. 

My footsteps on the narrow, cobblestone-paved streets and the babbling river surrounding the town were the only sounds breaking the stillness of the night.

I could not be more content. 

I walked left and right, following anything I laid my eyes on, passing cute little stores, Czech-themed restaurants and tourists-luring bars. 

I imagined what it had to be like back in the 12th century, when the castle was built and what kind of shops originally inhabited buildings now dedicated to souvenirs. 

Once I defrost, I cannot wait to see the city in daylight.