Hallstatt, Austria

Pearl of Alpine Austria


A small town in the west of Austria in the Salzkamergut region, with a population less than 1000 people. But despite this, it can be safely called the Pearl of Alpine Austria. Hallstatt is the place, where the soul rests and enjoys every single moment. This place in which the three elements met: water, earth and air. A city which you can go around in half an hour. But if you come here once, you will spend all day there and will not want to leave it. To get there you need to make several connections by train, and then everyone who wants to see this magical city, will take the boat from the railway station.


Some people don’t know, but the cultural heritage can be not only architecture, but also the nature view. And this  is a main reason why Hallstatt is UNESCO list of heritage. For this place I was dreaming all my trip, I really wanted to see calm and majestic mountains and a stream flowing out through them. This is amazing view you can see, but for this you only should climb to the observation place. You have two options. First one is to take cable cars and second one is to climb to this place on foot. Only you decide which way to choose. But unfortunately sometimes there are situations when there is no choice. And this problem occurred to me, it was not possible to go up to the top of mountain by cable car and on foot as well. It was Mountain forest fires in Hallstatt and its surroundings. The whole day a dozen of helicopters fought with fire.


But I could not miss the chance to look at the city and the surrounding mountains from a bird’s eye view. Therefore, leaving my backpack in Hallstatt, I went to the neighboring town  Obertown, where the famous Five Fingurs are located. And here two mountain gondolas lifted me to 2000 meters and I saw so long-awaited sight. It was feeling of boundless happiness, freedom and unity with myself. At that moment, you feel like a baby who was just born. You almost see nothing because the sun is blind in your eyes, but all life and the whole world is laid out for you.


But Hallstatt it is not only beautiful views and mountains. Worth remembering that it also a famous salt producer. Almost in all souvenir shops you will find an incredible variety of kitchen salt, bath salts, cosmetics and medicines made on its basis! Where there is salt, there are also salt caves, which are open to visitors.

A huge number of tourists comes in Hallstatt every year. Interestingly, most of them are from China. The Chinese who loved this city so much that they created an exact copy of this magic city at home in China in Guangdong. Yes, yes exactly the exact replica that even at the solemn opening of the city the Austrian delegation was struck by the skill of the performance. Of course copy is good even that technological virtuoso, but original is certainly better.

Once being here, you will love it with all your heart, as it happened with me!


Yuliia Dolhopolova