Salzburg, Austria

What is the magic music? Who is the author of it?

After arrival to the main railway station you can hear a magic music. From where? Who’s the author?

Every lover of classic music immediately guesses that it’s Mozart sounds. Salzburg is Mozart’s Homeland, not Wien how everyone think. In this small city one of the most famous musician of the world was born! People, who live here are so proud of it, it’s felling in every corner of this small cozy city. You can see two houses where Mazart lived, listen to concert of Mozart’s music on Mirabelplatz, drink Mozart’s chocolate liquor and of course taste delicious Mozart’s candies with famous marzipan filling.








Salzburg also has several places with a beautiful view on different sides of the city.  The city is surrounded by mountains, so everyone can see this beautiful view , in order to do it, you only need to raise to the top. I really love to stay on the top of heels and see all the world around me. Sometimes in mountains you can meet some interesting people, who make for you so beautiful photos like this.








One of the main attraction of Salzburg it’s a fortress Hohensalzburg. It’s one of the largest preserved medieval fortresses of all Europe. It’s situated on the top of Festung mountain. You can see it from every place of Salzburg.








Old town in different cities has its own distinguishing feature. In Salzburg it’s a so cozy narrow street with a very nice signs of shops, cafes and restaurants. Every place has a signboard which protrudes from facade of the building, and it makes the city so friendly, cozy and beautiful. You can see from far, where the place which you looking for is situated. And you are never going trough it. Also in Salzburg you can see many Easter and Christmas shops with plenty of different decorate painted eggs and so gorgeous Christmas decorations boxes. So you can feel Christmas atmosphere at every moment! It sounds good, doesn’t it?









Yuliia Dolopolova