The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

On our first day in the beautiful old town of Luxembourg, we met Claudine from the Cultural Office of the city. She gave us a lovely tour of some parts of the town and the National Museum. On the way we saw this gorgeous statue of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. She ruled Luxembourg from 1919 till 1964. Together with her husband Prince Felix Bourbon-Parma lived the Nazi occupation. They were both victims art theft.

The statue is located on Place de Clairfontaine and is one of the most famous statues in the city. It was designed by the French sculptor Jean Cardot.

In 2016 three paintings which belonged to the royal couple where found in two private homes in Milan, Italy. An article on the Luxembourg Times reports that most of the stolen pieces were found and returned to Luxembourg after WWII. These three works will not be returned, the police states that the royal family has already been compensated for their losses.

Tomorrow we will visit Notre-Dame cathedral where she is buried.