World Heritage Adventure – summary

Somewhere in Norway…


“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

to gain all while you give,

to roam the roads of lands remote,

to travel is to live

– Hans Christian Andersen


Visited countries: Poland & Germany & Denmark & Norway & Sweden

Visited cities listed as World Heritage Cities: Thorn, Poland; Bergen, Norway; Notodden, Norway; Tinn, Norway; Kolding, Denmark; Warsaw, Poland

Kilometers driven: 5 400

Duration: 16 days

Daily blog: World Heritage Adventure


World Heritage Adventure was an amazing journey through Scandinavian countries – Norway was the most important destination of my trip.

At the beginning of my project I decided to find out more about European “Eco Examples“. During my “research” I was observing people and their eco–friendly lifestyle.

#1 Recycling 

Recycling is very popular in Norway, wherever you go there are few trasches for different kind of waste. It’s a big faux pas not to segregate your rubish in Norway!

#2 Eco–friendly cars

Electric and hybrid cars are very popular in Norway. There are many facilities for electric/hybrid cars owners – eg. cheaper parkings. As an interesting fact I can tell you that Norway is the biggest European Tesla market (per capita).

#3 Hydroelectricy 

In Norwegian electricity sector 98% of power comes from renewable resources (mostly from water)!

#4 Water

Remember that in Scandinavia water is so clean that without any worries you can drink tap water!

The Lysefjord